Our story

Handmade in Texas

David began his career in leather in 1976 after learning about the craft in high school. His continued love of working with leather has made him into a master of the trade.  His style is distinguished by his extraordinary detail and finishing work, lending to the quality of each piece he creates. 

Our products

Crafting one of a kind custom leather products since 1976. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from other leather crafters. 

Variety At

Its Finest

Here at Montalvo Leather we take great pride in offer a wide variety of custom made leather goods. Some of our more popular items are knife sheaths, gun holsters, belts and a variety of bags. 

Knife Sheaths

All knife sheaths are custom made and molded to fit your particular knife.

Gun Holsters

All of our handmade gun holsters are custom made and wet molded to fit your weapon like a glove. 


We design dress belts, ranger belts, cowboy belts and casual belts. We can customize and personal them initials or handtooling.